Sample Project

The sample project that installs with the WireBootstrap Query Service is intended to provide a working example of a WireBootstrap application that queries data directly against a database using the query service.

The sample is a single web page that allows inputs to the data source to be entered. Clicking Connect then retrieves a list of tables and views (entities) from the source database. Selecting one of the entities from a drop down list displays sample data for the entity by executing a top N query against the database.

The application is written in pure JavaScript using the WireBootstrap JavaScript framework using ES modules and other modern design patterns.

The files needed for this solution are installed in the \sample directly off of the WireBootstrap Query Service installation root.

The following is a description of the main application files in the project.




The shared application module serving all pages in an application


The HTML file for the sample


The code-behind module for the HTML page

The data access module for the HTML page

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