This section outlines how to install the WireBootstrap components and services discussed in the Overview section.


The core WireBootstrap JavaScript library is wire.js. This and other core related files can be installed using the WireBootstrap Core Library NPM package at@wirebootstrap/wire.

npm install @wirebootstrap/wire


Instructions for downloading and installing Individual components or component packs can be found in their respective documentation. Visit the component product page for these and other details.

Bootstrap Components

The introductory set of components for WireBootstrap are the common components used in developing applications with Bootstrap. The product containing these components is called Bootstrap for WireBootstrap.

Use the Bootstrap Components for WireBootstrap NPM package to install Bootstrap for WireBootstrap.

npm install @wirebootstrap/wire-bootstrap

Note, WireBootstrap Bootstrap Components will install the core WireBootstrap library when installing a component. There is no need to explicitly install the core library as well.

Visit Working with Components for more information on WireBootstrap components.

Web Frameworks

WireBootstrap components and services work with plain JavaScript. WireBootstrap also has integrations with all the major web frameworks. Visit the web framework product pages for details.

For example, use the WireBootstrap for Web Components NPM package to use WireBootstrap with web components.

npm install @wirebootstrap/wire-webcomponents

Visit Web Frameworks for more information on WireBootstrap and web frameworks.

Data Connectors

Many data connectors install with the core WireBootstrap framework. For details and other connectors visit the data connector product page.

Visit Data Connectors for more information on WireBootstrap data connectors.

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