The \pages directory contains the HTML source and TypeScript code-behind for theme projects.


The HTML pages are in this directory's root. These pages provide samples for the components available in the theme running in WireBootstrap.


The code-behind for a page is stored in a subdirectory in the code directory with the same name as the page. The code-behind for a page consists of a PageController and PageData class file.


Code-behind files are ES6 modules.


Each page contains a dedicated class that contains all the data concerns for the page. By convention, this page is called [page].data.ts.

The following is an excerpt from showing the configuration for the dataset used with the Bootstrap Select component on the filters-select.htmlpage.

public dsProducts = new{

    // use the sample data source
    Source: sampleDataSource,

    // select top 10 distinct products

    // turn off event listening for filters
    Events: false



Page controllers allow interaction between the DOM elements on the HTML page and the code-behind for the page. This includes features such as binding components and calling methods on the controller from DOM elements. By convention, page controllers are called [page].controller.ts.

In the continuing example here, the controller for the filters-select.htmlpage is called filters-select.controller.ts.


When a page loads, the init method is called to run any initialization needed for the page. This initialization often includes binding components with data.


The following binds the Bootstrap Select component to a DOM element with an id of select to a dataset defined in the page data class illustrated above called dsProducts.

const select = new"#select", {
    datamap: { id: "Product", label: "Product"},           


To call a public method on a page controller from the DOM, call the method on the page object.

Consider the following method on a controller.

sayHello() {

To call this method from inside the DOM, use the page reference.

<button ... onclick="page.sayHello()">Say Hello</button>

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