The Core WireBootstrap library as well as all components and related files are normally retrieved from the NPM registry and stored in the node_modules folder off the root of the theme project.

Theme Libraries

Component libraries, TypeScript definition files, and other related files specific to a theme are located off the root of a theme project in the \libs directory.


To be sure all WireBootstrap Typescript declaration files can be found by a project's compiler, the path to the@wirebootstrap scope root directory is registered in the compilerOptions.typeRoots attribute inside the project's tsconfig.json file.

  "compilerOptions": {
    "typeRoots": [

When a custom typeRoots is specified, be sure to replace the original default that points to the @types directory as seen above.


All Web components and services published by WireBootstrap are created off of the global wire JavaScript object located in the core WireBootstrap library wire.js. Many create a sub namespace and then adds classes, interfaces, and other structures to support a given component or service. This is similar in design to how all jQuery plugins attach to the root jQuery object.

The example below creates a new WireBootstrap DataTable and binds it to an instance of the Bootstrap Select component.

const table = new;

const select = new wire.bsSelect().render({
    data: table


In TypeScript, all root types, classes, interfaces, and other structures native to the core WireBootstrap JavaScript API begin with IWire.

The following example casts a raw JavaScript object into a WireBootstrap data table by referencing the IWireDataTable interface.

const data: any = { ... };

const table = data as IWireDataTable;

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