WireBootstrap provides a number of options for string, numeric, and other type formatting.

String Formatting

WireBootstrap adds a string extension called format that allows variables inside a string expression to be replaced by values. The variables are expressed using the numeric index position of the variables within the string in curly brackets {}.

const str = "Use this {0} to format {1}".format("expression", "strings");

// Use this expression to format strings

Number Formatting

Numeric values can be formatted using the format method with a format specification. Valid values are C[N], P[N], N[N] where [N] is the number of decimal places.

The example below sets the formatting for a number to one decimal place using the N1 parameter in the format function.

const currencyFormat = wire.format(10000.12, "N1");

// currencyFormat = 10,000.1

Custom Formatting

The format method can also accept a custom function in order to format data.

The following example formats a date field called date_field using the third party library moment.js.

const dte = wire.format("1980-10-10", (row) => {
    return moment(row["date_field"]).format("MM-DD-YYYY");

For more on formatting, visit the core wire reference page.

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