Many WireBootstrap components including the Bootstrap Select component in this example support one-way observable functionality. With this configured, any changes to the component will automatically update an object's property with the changed value. In addition, if the property initially contains a value, this value will be selected by default.


To configure this observable functionality, set the model attribute's obj and property values as seen in the example below.
let user = { UserName: "jkratz" };
const select = new wire.bsSelect().render("#select", {
model: {
obj: user,
property: "UserName"

Knockout Integration

When using Knockout, set the model attribute's ko value to the Knockout variable in order to keep the variable updated with changes.
let user = ko.observable("jkratz");
const select = new wire.bsSelect().render("#select", {
model: { ko: user },
For more on the model configuration attribute and observables, visit the wire.ui.Component reference page.
Last modified 2yr ago