A WireBootstrap DataTable is a JavaScript class that contains an array of objects much like records in a database table. The data table contains dozens of methods for working with the array of objects including filers, transformations, and calculations. This class is located at

The example below creates a new DataTable from an array of objects. The raw array is put into a public property called Rows. Also, a Columns array is created that contains information about each column in the data table.

let users = [
    { Users: "jkratz", FullName: "Jamie Kratz" },
    { Users: "pdougherty", FullName: "Pat Dougherty" }

let table = new;

const rows = table.Rows;

const columns = table.Columns;

Note, it's a good idea to use let or var scope when declaring arrays of rows to be used with a data table. The array sits inside a data table as a reference and not a copy so using operations on the data table that are designed to change the data or the array will error if the array is declared using a const. However, if the table is being created for read-only purposes, it's safe to use a const.

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